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Intimate Personal Chef Experience

Private dining with Chez Vous 512 is about more than delicious food—it is an intimate experience for you and your guests.  Unlike a catering company, a personal chef experience is tailored to your event and personal vision. Maybe you want to recreate a favorite vacation and bring in flavors from the tropics, or perhaps you want to incorporate spices and flavors from your ancestral origins. All of this is possible because it is your personal chef event.

Chef Alex collaborates with each client to discuss the event details and creates a custom menu that is executed the day or night of your celebration. Local ingredients are used whenever possible to ensure you are receiving the freshest and best that Austin has to offer. At the end of the night, our team packages the leftovers, cleans the kitchen, and leaves you and your guests with memories that will last far beyond the evening.

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"Alex has a feel for food that’s second to none—looking forward to bringing more of his sublime creations to my table."

Meggan Webber

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 Starting at $65 per person, with a 20 person minimum 

This event is reminiscent of family reunions, holidays at Grandma’s, or a neighborhood gathering where guests fill their own plates. A more relaxed event for larger groups, this includes one or two main entrees and two to four accompanying sides and dessert. This option works well for large events where the atmosphere is less formal but delicious food and great memories are still the goal.


Starting at $175 per person

When you truly want to impress with a night as unique as your date, a cookie cutter approach will not do. Let us make date night memorable and personal. A custom menu is designed for you and your significant other—a truly unique and special event. The unmatched deliciousness of the chef’s creations, intimate touches inspired by the couple’s relationship, and execution guarantees an evening of romance.


Starting at $90 per person

Our most requested offering, this is a three to four course custom menu for you and your guests. More than a dinner, this is designed to be as interactive a journey for you and your guests as you desire. Chef Alex has a passion for food and teaching and welcomes diners to participate in the creative process and execution of the meal. Those interested may ask questions, learn about sourcing the best ingredients, or be introduced to tools of the trade. As dinner is plated and served, he will discuss each course, the flavors chosen, and any history. A true night for “foodies,” the dinner is both a meal and a culinary journey.


Starting at $150 per person, up to 12 guests

For those that are truly seeking a unique, one-of-a kind culinary journey incorporating all the senses, this option is for you. A five to seven course tasting menu allows for the most intimate and exploratory dining experience. With each tasting menu, Chef Alex aims to present an experience that is more than just a fantastic meal. Our tasting menu involves revealing a specific vision unique to you and your guests designed to conjure up special shared memories while creating new ones.

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"Alex is an amazing Chef...this will not be our last time using Chez Vous!"

Marc Cortez

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